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Vision Fast for Therapeutic Professionals

What is your unique spark? How do you cultivate and sustain that while caring for others?

A vision fast ceremony can be a rich and meaningful way to explore these questions, and the other questions you hold close to your heart but often get forgotten beneath the din of the day to day.

Throughout human history, individuals have left their communities to go to nature, alone, in search of a vision. Being still, with only ourselves and the beings of nature, we can hear the quiet voice of innermost self, and we are able to listen carefully to the world around us. From this place, we are able to receive messages that help inform our lives and enrich it with depth and meaning.

As you know, working within the intensive environment of a therapeutic school or program can be depleting. The challenges faced by the young people and families you serve pour forth in a steady stream and sometimes a gushing torrent. This creates huge pressure on those people responding on a day to day basis. Meanwhile, the administrative and business side of these programs can make it hard to stay connected to the mission. Responding to crisis, trauma histories, dysfunction, and unhealthy systems on a daily basis make it hard to stay grounded, regulated, and connected with one’s highest purpose.

A vision fast provides a powerful time of renewal for those of us affecting change in the lives of others. Through slowing down and listening, we tap into wisdom and insight difficult to gain in the activities of our daily lives. This ceremony is a blending of simple, ancient principles made relevant to today’s world, for people from a range of cultural and spiritual traditions. This practice can help make sense of your story, mark important transitions, and offer guidance for your next steps.  

What’s unique about this particular vision fast ceremony is the opportunity to have this experience within a community of guides, staff, therapists, managers, and others from programs like your own. This allows you to do even more than going deep within yourself. You will also have the opportunity to learn from a community of peers as you prepare for what’s actually the biggest challenge of a vision fast these days – how to bring the gifts you’ve received back home?

While we have been offering vision fasts for therapeutic professionals through Pacific Quest, this is the first time we’ll be opening up the circle to the wider field.  Please join us for a life-changing, life-affirming experience!

When: Oct 14-23, 2016

Where: Eureka Valley, CA

How much: $950

What: This experience involves three days of preparation and intention setting, the three-day fasting threshold experience, followed by three days of integration work though sharing your story and beginning the process of embodying what you’ve discovered on your fast. Throughout the program, you can expect to learn the skills you need to know to keep yourself safe and (relatively) comfortable, to participate in council and talking circles, solo walks on the land, expressive arts activities, and more.

To register or learn more, contact Darcy