As of June 2019, all of Darcy’s work is being offered through Youth Passageways’ 13 Moons Education and Consulting Collective. Please visit that site for the most current information. You’re welcome to peruse the pages here for more in-depth (but not up to date!) information on Darcy’s work.


In these times, there is something special about the learning journey shared by mentors and mentees. It is different than the relationship of therapist, teacher, or spiritual guide, although it shares elements of all of these. From what I’ve been taught and what I’ve experienced over many years on both sides of the relationship, mentorship is a sacred contract that allows one to take full responsibility for their own journey of growth and development--yet do it with support and guidance.

Sometimes mentoring relationships are brief, guided by a specific, relatively simple question that sets someone off on the next phase of their journey. Sometimes these connections last over many years, evolving powerfully over time.

Areas of Focus May Include:

  • preparing for, navigating through, or returning from an initiatory experience or major life transition

  • supporting those that wish to work with young people in soulful ways

  • connecting with one’s lineage/ancestry

  • leadership/executive mentorship

  • issues of social positioning, healing, and responsibility

If, as you look through these pages, you feel that I can serve you on your journey through your own transformation, your development as a guide for young people, or your development as an authentic leader, please reach out for a free initial consultation.

In addition to my general mentoring services, I offer unique opportunities for 1-3 folks to engaged in ongoing structured mentorship.  This opportunity includes one-on-one sessions and ongoing readings and assignments. This can be done on site in the Methow Valley, or remotely. More information is forthcoming; if you’re interested please let me know!

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Teaching and Facilitation


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"Darcy was masterful in compassionately guiding me to discover the core elements of my truth and what I wanted to become true. She did this through an unconditional positive regard for me as a human being who was undertaking a sometimes frightening process of spiritual evolution." Dr. John Souza, Primary Therapist, Pacific Quest.