As of June 2019, all of Darcy’s work is being offered through Youth Passageways’ 13 Moons Education and Consulting Collective. Please visit that site for the most current information. You’re welcome to peruse the pages here for more in-depth (but not up to date!) information on Darcy’s work.

Teaching & Facilitation

I offer classes, workshops, and presentations on rites of passage and a wide range of related topics around the United States and beyond, as well as offering facilitation for ceremonies, meetings, and events. I am well-respected internationally for my work in rites of passage, as well as my effectiveness as a facilitator in a range of contexts.  My teaching and presentation styles are both soulful and intellectually stimulating, while remaining widely accessible. I have worked with groups ranging in size from a small handful to around a hundred people, and have given presentations to groups of more than 500.

I have years of experience working with young people, educators, students, therapists, administrators, parents, wilderness guides, and the general public. Skilled in the terrain of human development, ceremonial design and facilitation, cultural transformation, social justice, and the nuts and bolts of non-profit and youth program leadership, I seek to balance personal transformation work with offering people the skills to serve their communities and do what’s theirs to do most effectively.

For more information about my upcoming programs, click here.

Ceremonial Design and Facilitation

Folks often reach out to me to design and facilitate ceremonial processes, including blessingways, namings, puberty rites, marriages, funerals, and other specific life transitions, or to consult with me in designing their own. Similarly, organizations and communities engage with me to support them through collective transitions. If you are interested in working with me this way, please contact me.

Custom Programs and Trainings

Organizations and individuals often contract with me to offer presentations, keynote addresses, classes, and trainings to meet their specific needs, or to facilitate group processes. Formats vary depending on interest, from short evening storytelling presentations to multi-day field-based programs or workshops.

For groups interested in developing skills in collaborative leadership processes, I am also available to facilitate retreats, important meetings, conflict transformation processes, and strategic planning.

As part of the Youth Passageways Cross-Cultural Protocols working group, I offer trainings to support youth programs in engaging an anti-oppression framework, and increasing their skills to weave social justice into program design and delivery.

I have a rich pool of colleagues to draw on as co-facilitators when needed.

Common Topics For Presentations, Trainings, and Classes:

  • Rites of Passage: Tying the threads of the Past to the Threads of the Future

  • What is Adolescence?

  • Childhood, Adulthood, and the Space in Between

  • What is Ceremony?

  • Unpacking Power and Privilege

  • Discovering our Ancestors

  • Generational Trauma

  • From Rites to White: Exploring European-American Ethnic History from our earliest ancestors to present

  • Money in Transition Times: Fundraising skills and funding models

  • Cross-Cultural Protocols

Selected Past Speaking Engagements, Facilitation, and Workshops:

  • TedxSnoisle

  • Youth Passageways

  • Wilderness Guides Council

  • National Rites of Passage Institute

  • Youth Passageways

  • Rite of Passage Journeys

  • Pacific Quest

  • Wilderness Awareness School

  • Alderleaf Wilderness College

  • Hazel Wolf High School

Please contact me for more information.

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Photo by Clementine Wilson, 2016

Photo by Clementine Wilson, 2016


Teaching and Facilitation


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"Drawing from her depths of experience, Darcy is able to teach from a place of knowing while still embracing humility and curiosity. It is her commitment to remain a student that makes her such an excellent teacher." Clementine Wilson.


"Darcy's leadership in rites of passage has a unique potency. Her gift of insight into the human process transcends the wisdom of lifetimes, which is complimented by her considerable organizational skills. I frequently marvel at Darcy's ability to recognize and evoke strengths in people. I feel as though I am still learning from Darcy years after my experience working with her. Her guidance was largely transformative for me and my co-staff.” Rae Reitz, Education Coordinator at Dragonfly Transitions.

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