As of June 2019, all of Darcy’s work is being offered through Youth Passageways’ 13 Moons Education and Consulting Collective. Please visit that site for the most current information. You’re welcome to peruse the pages here for more in-depth (but not up to date!) information on Darcy’s work.


Traveling through wilderness, you learn to be particularly careful in transition zones. Stepping off the trail and into the forest, climbing off of rock and onto snow, pushing off from the shores and into the rapids: these are the dangerous moments, when different muscles must be engaged and different forms of awareness are required.

The same is true during transition times in our individual lives, and in our organizations and communities. Yet few of us receive the toolbox needed to navigate gracefully through the changing terrain of our lives and our world.

This is what I offer. For over twenty years, I have been a student and teacher of transition times, and I help guide individuals, organizations, and communities to reach their next stage of growth.

Core Services:

  • One-on-one Mentorship

  • Group Teaching and Facilitation

  • Staff & Volunteer Training and Development

  • Ritual Design & Facilitation

  • Organizational Development & Consulting


Partial list of areas of training and experience:

  • Culturally-appropriate ceremonial and ritual

  • Experiential, outdoor, and environmental education

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Race relations, Social Justice, White Allyship, and Dynamics of Power and Privilege

  • Council, Technology of Participation, and other facilitation techniques

  • Intuitive Development & Spiritual Support

  • Non-profit leadership, governance, strategic planning, and management

  • Fundraising and financial management

  • Somatic approaches, including SomaSource and other dance-based practices.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hour)

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Photo by Clementine Wilson, 2016

Photo by Clementine Wilson, 2016


Teaching and Facilitation



"Darcy is the kind of person who walks quietly into a room. She talks to one person at a time and uses one word at a time. When she listens, you feel heard. She does not rush away, nor does she stay too long. When you work with Darcy, you learn to cherish the time you have. You learn from her what it means to give someone your full attention. All communication from Darcy really says: you matter." Janne Pate, Academic Coordinator, Pacific Quest

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