Thresholds of remembrance

A ceremony of ancestral truth-telling and recovery

Our ancestors are longing to be remembered, not just as names and dates but as complex beings who dreamed us into existence ...

Living within the confines of Western civilization, colonization, and white supremacy, many of us have lost connection to our ancestors - those who, whether by blood, kinship ties, or collective impact, gave shape to the beings we are today. Whether by force or by choice, many of us have forgotten the ancient stories of our people: how to receive them, how to re-member them (literally, to bring them back into the body), and how to pass them on in meaningful ways.

This Great Forgetting causes continued suffering. But we can reconnect with our ancestors: learn their stories, face their suffering and their mistakes, and reclaim the traditions that are our birthright and our responsibility. This reconnection can help us heal ourselves, our families, and our communities and harness the power of the ancestors for collective liberation.

Offered now a number of times in various communities and contexts, this ceremonial experience in still being dreamed into existence. Join me for a weekend of deep immersion into our ancestral inheritance, and find ways to partner with our ancestors toward the health and healing of our planet.

Over the course of this weekend, we will:

  • Co-create ceremony to honor our ancestors

  • Explore tools to connect with our ancestors through the body, and through our relationship with the land.

  • Let our feelings, bodies, and voices move, releasing some of what’s gotten “stuck” in our ancestral lineage.

  • Share stories with one another, allowing our ancestors to be witnessed in community

  • Create a container of radical sovereignty and interdependence, with full choice and agency each step of the way, as part of the work of healing.

To explore bringing this offering to your community, please contact me.