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Honoring My Teachers


Stan Crow (1939 - 2009)

Stan Crow (1939 - 2009)

Beginning with my Coming of Age experience at age 13, I was lucky enough to know Stan Crow and receive mentorship from him for almost 20 years.

From 1969 to 1985, Stan dedicated his time to working with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), an international human development organization. His work took him from rural Texas to the inner cities of Washington, D.C., Harlem, Rochester, NY and Majuro, Marshall Islands. In 1981, Stan and his wife Carol were assigned to ICA headquarters in Chicago, IL, to head up the residential youth program for ICA volunteers were working abroad in rural villages. In 1983, he and Carol decided that the youth were no longer being served in their urban environment and decided to relocate the program to rural Bothell, Washington. Read More About Stan >



I can’t honor my teachers without acknowledging my mother Edith Kusnic’s primary impact on my life. Of course, she influenced me deeply as my mom and primary caregiver, but her professional impact has also been foundational.

Edith spent her professional career as an adult and community educator, beginning with founding a multi-generational school in Tacoma, Washington in the early 1970’s, before I was born. This experimental school taught 6 year-olds alongside returning veterans, and was self-funded through fixing up run-down old houses. She went on to build Antioch University Seattle’s Adult degree program, and then to serve as Seattle Waldorf School’s administrator. Read More about Edith >



Gigi Coyle

Gigi Coyle

I had heard about Gigi Coyle’s work for many years before I met her in 2008. Former Co-Director of the Ojai Foundation, long-time guide of The School of Lost Borders, and co-author of The Way of Council, she carries a lifetime of deep listening to the land and the wisdom found in the circles of community that she offers back now with grace and insight. I feel deeply honored to be able to access her wisdom as a Guardian of Youth Passageways, as she has gently tracked, guided, and supported network’s birth over many years. Read More about Gigi >



Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels, EdD, guides individuals and communities through major life transitions. As a “soul midwife” and mentor to emerging leaders around the world, she has created Surfing The Creative, a rite of passage process that links somatics, youth development, and peace-building. Her recent book, Youth On Fire, tells the story of this life-changing work as it has unfolded in diverse settings ranging from inner-city schools to college campuses, and from refugee settlements to the United Nations. Read more about Melissa >



Joanna Macy, founder of The Work that Reconnects
Orland Bishop, founder of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation
Paul Hill, Jr, founder of National Rites of Passage Institute
David Blumenkrantz, founder  of Center for Youth and Community, Inc.
M. Kalani Souza, Founder of Olohana Foundation
Char Sundust, Founder of the Sundust Oracle Institute
Bill Plotkin, Founder of Animas Valley Institute
Laura Yon, Founder of Laura Yon Yoga & Bodywork
Joseph Lazenka, Director of the School of Lost Borders
Meredith Little, Co-Founder of the School of Lost Borders


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