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Looking through the Veil: Exploring Ancestry as a Path of Liberation

Connecting with one’s ancestry is much more than an idle hobby. It has deep relevance in our lives and in the struggles we face as individuals, in our communities, and as a human species. The wounds of our ancestors are “etched deeply into our bones,” as scholar Ronald Grimes puts it. Cutting-edge studies in epigenetics show that trauma is literally woven into the strands of our DNA.

Many of us have forgotten the ancient stories of our people: how to listen to them, how to re-member them (literally, to bring them back into the body), and how to pass them on as more than a list of facts and dates. This “great forgetting” causes untold suffering. To heal, we must connect with our ancestors: hear their stories, face their suffering and their mistakes, and reclaim the traditions that were stolen over centuries of oppression. As we dive deeply into these topics, we can take responsibility for our own lives and communities, and weave a stronger and more resilient world for all.

Coming together at the full moon, during the time of year when the veil is thin between worlds, we will sing, dance, play, tell stories, walk the land, and listen to the ancient ones whose voices have been silenced yet still whisper to us. We will dive deeply into social justice theory and practical, hands-on ancestral reconnection, all the while tending to our hearts and the fierce and gentle work of ancestral healing.  

This new offering will take place in Mazama, Washington, from 7-10pm on Friday, and 2-10pm on Saturday, to maximize our evening time together. As an experimental program, I'm offering it for donations (suggested $100-150) to cover my time, supplies, and the location.

For more information or to register, please call or email me. 


Mazama, WA